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    Hello! We are looking for a high-...useful materials. And also: bonuses, contests, gifts. Colors: All the main colors from the main page of website Images: In the left part of the block you need to place a drawn gnome-postman with a letter in hand. It is required to make two variants with a one-color background and an image as an example. Thank you.

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    I have a group of ubuntu 18.04 (Gnome) computers and laptops I am responsible for and I need to have a script on each one that will take regular screenshots and upload them to a dropbox folder. I should be able to pull down a install script from github and run the script to install all needed packages (i.e. rclone/scrot) and set up scripts that are

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    Hey Im looking for someone who can help me with the setup / Syntax for a autoview bitmex autoview alerts. I have different signa...looking for someone who can help me with the setup / Syntax for a autoview bitmex autoview alerts. I have different signal alert strategies (maybe also help/costumize with that ( gnome signals, also want to try quansium, )

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    I need someone on teamviewer to show me two things 1) how to download and run gnome desktop on ubuntu from the black window command box 2) how to download teamviewer so it can be accessed anytime from teamviewer

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    I'm looking for an inspired artist that is able to bring to life a gnome so we can product a 3D version that we will then paint and use for a real life photography advertising. The gnome having issue with gas pain, face, expression and body should express this problem. The model need to follow as well the standard shape we expected from garden gnomes

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    ...---Steak knife. Two gnomes fighting. One of them holding a human steak knife so it will be a lot larger compared to a gnome. This will demonstrate that all object will be different sizes and show a potential challenge of scaling correctly. Gnome are about 15 cm tall for scale. This is a full color piece and should be similar in activity and detail as the examples

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    Trophy icon Design project Ended

    IHey! I’m looking for a logo and banner for my Facebook, other Social Media and Website. The name of the brand is The Gadget Gnome. The products we feature are tech and gadgets across many different categories, that are trending across the internet. Thanks!

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    I need JS code for a Shell Extension to be integrated in an application we are developing to do two things: 1) Overlay an icon on top of a normal icon 2) Make a custom RIGHT CLICK menu As I will integrate it I just need a simple application that basically displays an OVERLAY ICON on top of the file's icon and then, if the user right clicks on the file displays an option to change the overl...

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    I have a dedicated server that i need setup with gnome gui and vnc so i can connect from home

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    Want me and my best friends characters to be commissioned for his birthday. His character is a gnome wizard, mine is a tabaxi monk. I will give more information (clothing, equipment, coloring, etc.) once the project is awarded. I would like standard renditions, as well as one of them in battle, and one of them sharing drinks at a tavern.

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    Thre... Add the words WONDER EMPORIUM [in the Raleway ExtraLight font] to the logo, as shown. Color the logo to look like aged golden bronze. Animate the gnome so that it walks across the word GNOME and stops in the placement as shown, and animate the raven so that it flies in from the upper right, over the RAVEN and lands as in the logo shown.

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    Hi, Now I install Centos 7.4 + Gnome Desktop + qemu kvm, I have only one IP I want to create multi VM and need to create their remote access from one IP, Can Any one learn me how to do that?

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    The programs that need to be installed are as follows. TightVNC for VNC connections Some form of GUI (Gnome, XFCE your choice) All needed programs to run java and roots to go with it. In the end the server needs to be able to run the program that can be found here. [login to view URL]

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    Review install of software of Jitsi on Linux with Ubuntu 16.04 operating system. Activation of GUI Desktop for Ubuntu (Gnome-pannel and or Unity). Install simple webpage to server to display off IP.

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    My company is a restructuring and all companies are to come under the head company "Gnome Collective". We would like it to have 2 main features in the logo: 1. A Gnome or a few Gnomes - please research what a gnome is if you are not sure 2. Must have a fun and still have a business feel to it. We are open to colours and suggestions. Please be

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    Gnome & Raven is a new company that will have immersive game spaces especially designed for children ages 8-13. The company is sophisticated and upscale. The store is very Harry Potter in style. Ideally, we'd like a logo that is almost like a woodstamp / woodcut print image in GOLD of the outlines of a gnome and a raven. The gnome being slightly

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    We're looking to find someone who is exceptionally well versed in graphical programming who could develop an entirely build from scratch desktop environment (ex: KDE, Gnome, etc.). The design and behavior of the user interface is a mix of common UX procedures and rather non-conventional and fairly experimental elements. Design work for the mockups are

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    ...larger compared to a gnome. This will demonstrate that all object will be different sizes and show a potential challenge of scaling correctly. Gnome are about 15 cm talk for scale. ---Slap. A gnome getting slapped. ---Poison oak. A gnome reacting to the poison oak. Backgrounds should be outside in a human sized garden with gnome sized objects similar

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    ...scratch setup of Owncloud on a Centos 7 VPS server. Additional tasks : Setup the server name (DNS matters) and acquire a Let's encrypt SSL Certificate. Installation of Gnome GUI, with system tools including firewall settings. Installation and integration of Clamav with Owncloud (automatic file check after upload) & virus definitions update automation

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    Create 8 5-second animations of a nome character saying funny things ( I will provide voice over, and video examples, and image of gnome character as example). gnome will make 3 gestures, but no other movement or background changes needed. Note voice over includes minor vulgaritg

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    ...on a networked Linux workstation; - on the same server start a graphical application displayed in the VNC server session (e.g., a terminal emulator such as Gnome Terminal); - set up the server (at point (c) above) which can have installed (if necessary) the proxy/translator between the VNC server and the web browser developed and

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    I need you to Install VNC server on a Linux VPS, so that it is able to access the GNOME desktop. Just like a Windows RDP I need to access the gnome desktop through VNC viewer.

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    Trophy icon Online Hobby Shop Logo Ended

    ...Deposito de Gnomos. Which is spanish for Gnome Depot. We sell miniatures for tabletop rpgs such as D&D and Pathfinder, We also paint miniatures for our clients. We have done some sketches with the following things but we are definetively open to new ideas: - Gnome painter/craftsman (Not a garden gnome, an RPG Gnome like the ones on World of Warcraft)

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    The Cupboard Gnome story as per message.

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    I would like you to design an icon for me to use on Discord. I play World of Warcraft. My class is Warlock, my race is Gnome and my specialization is Destruction. This involves bright red fire. This is my character's webpage so you can get a good look at what my character looks like: [login to view URL]

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    ...Centre, I want Santa to be branded in the colours of the Garden Centres marketing - Please see website [login to view URL] also want Santa to resemble a bit like a Garden Gnome and have emblazed in big letters on his Jumper - 'Merry Christmas from Eden Gardens" with Logo on Jumper as well. This inflatable will be on top of their roof so it needs

    €130 (Avg Bid)
    Destacado Garantido ADC
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    ...and texturing models to have interchangeable parts, namely the face or facial features. I need the following races with male and female versions: Dark Elf Dwarf Elf Gnome Goblin Human Troll Undead Each model will need to be created with a few different facial features, these can be as small as freckles or as large as scars. The will also

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    ...installed Gnome and vncserver. The Gnome install took a couple tries and may be the source of the problem. I have 2 problems and a need. First, I am getting an email every few minutes that queueprocd is down. The hangup appears to be "spamd child" but I also read that a faulty perl install may be the reason. Second, when I VNC into Gnome, I get an

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    I need a 3D model of a classic lawn gnome wielding a battle ax with a look of murderous rage on their face. Gnome should be 12 inches in height. Ax may need to be a separate design and assembled later.

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    I'm looking for an illustrator to help me with 6-10 drawings of an imaginary 'grumpy fairy' and a gnome called Eddie for a light hearted set of verses

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    I need a logo designed. Need a logo for a personal chef business. The company is "the kitchen gnome". Want a gnome in a chef hat, with an apron. nothing cartooney

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    96 ofertas
    Trophy icon Alter some Images Ended

    ...that if your work is awarded the winner, you will also accept the job of vectorizing the rest of the poster for $50. The submission with the most quality detail and friendly gnome faces will win. I would like you to draw some grass at the bottom of the image as well. Attached please see an example of a vectorized image that has the line drawing

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    Configure linux Ubuntu GNOME laptop to have hotspot working

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    10 ofertas

    ...apps • advanced app/browser interactions including cert injection, chrome apps, mime-types, browser intents • Linux app experience, specifically working with UI such as KDE/Gnome/Unity and others • Security experience, specifically PKI, encryption, x.509 certificates, SSL, Deep Packet Inspection, packet analyzers such as Wireshark, etc. • we are willing

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    I need a virtualbox image with the following re...environment Xfce4 VNC-Server (default VNC port 5901) noVNC - HTML5 VNC client (default http port 6901) Browsers: (preinstalled both) Mozilla Firefox Chromium Install also Gnome if needed The deply must be done via a dropbox link Guide : [login to view URL]

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    Linux [login to view URL] [login to view URL] #1 SMP Tue Feb 14 16:31:31 EST 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux I want gui like gnome with web browser When I try yum groupinstall "Desktop" "Desktop Platform" "X Window System" "Fonts" -y I get Transaction Check Error: file /usr/sbin/[login to view URL] from install of redhat-lsb-core-4

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    ...humorous, not dark and serious. The drawing should have a lot of detail in it, for example the hapless guy is getting watched thru his webcam, a satellite is tracking him , a gnome is tying a snooping device to his ankle, another government snoop is using a periscope to look into his bedroom, it should be detailed and hilarious, must make everybody laugh

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    26 ofertas

    I've installed VNC, Gnome etc... on my ubuntu server but not able to access GUI from my local laptop. Need quick help getting that fixed. I'll do all changes to the ubuntu server please provide fixed price quote in INR

    €25 (Avg Bid)
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    6 ofertas

    ...732566128 blocks The physical size of the device is 732565864 blocks Either the superblock or the partition table is likely to be corrupt!" When I try to mount it with the Gnome-Disk-Utility, I got this error: "Error mounting /dev/dm-6 at /media/user1/3PAB: Command-line `mount -t "ext3" -o "uhelper=udisks2,nodev,nosuid" "/dev/dm-6" "/me...

    €180 (Avg Bid)
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    ...a template on Azure. The template is for Kali Linux (Debian based) and I need some customisation done via a script: 1. Configure the root account 2. Install and configure GNOME desktop manager 3. Configure VNC 4. Install OpenVPN 5. Configure OpenVPN using a separate configuration files based on the machine name. For Example, machine 001 uses config

    €157 (Avg Bid)
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    ...traccar the repositorie for client side come from [login to view URL] 2- Install and configure Traccar, OpenGTS, and Wordpress on a CefntOS 7 VPS. 3-Configure Gnome GUI on server for me use. 4-Setup information about DNS, email addresses, API keys. 5-Test de aplications. Others specifications on discussion: -server better on https://rimuhosting

    €426 (Avg Bid)
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    I'd like an autoclicker for Kings of Chaos. Kings of Chaos ([login to view URL]) is an online game where a substantial amount of power...with either of those recruiters works for me, as long as it's not a language native to Windows Servers (PHP is fine, ASP is not). If it runs in a graphical Windows, Mac, or GNOME environment, that works for me.

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    I need a Custom ISO, debian based for Intel NUC range, backed via yocto project. Image should have full-cmd line support, desktop environment, package manager. For additional information, please reach me. Thanks.

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    We are looking for Linux specialist who will install and configure VNC server and gnome desktop on our clean Ubuntu install on Google Cloud Virtual Machine. VNC server should run on system reboot so if restart occurs we can connect just after it without logging in via SSH.

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    ...programs. The skeleton code is already provided, which has a call to a sorting function (portion needs implemented). This sorting function will be an implementation of the gnome sort algorithm and needs to perform an in-place sort on an array in memory (only memory within the array is modified while sorting). The only file that needs to be written

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    ...RealVNC Virtual Desktop - [login to view URL] Vultr Documentation on TightVNC (NOT RealVNC server): [login to view URL] [login to view URL] Final side note: If, for some reason, custom geometry cannot be configured

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    As part of Zorin OS's move to a Gnome Shell-based desktop environment, we have created a Windows-like icon taskbar extension for the Gnome Shell panel with window previews ([login to view URL]). However, there are 2 issues with it that need to be fixed in this job: 1) Sometimes when switching between apps (either by pressing on the

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