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    Criar Tabela "Rotas", na aba "Rota", da Pasta "Circuit"; Condições: Ir a Aba Base, coluna A. Ignorar as 8 primeiras linha. Da linha 9 a linha 17, preencheer a Tabela "Rotas", com os dados de cada linha para cada coluna da tabela. Após repetir o ciclo de 9 linhas para as colunas da Tabela. Ou Seja: Linha 9 = Coluna Notas Linha 10 = Coluna Horário Linha 11 = Coluna Status Linha 12 = Coluna Data Linha 13 = Coluna Cliente Linha 14 = Coluna Morada Linha 15 = Coluna Codigo Linha 16 = Coluna Quantidade Linha 17 = Coluna Litragem E assim organizar as próxima linhas seguindo a Logica acima.

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    English: I am seeking an electronics expert to develop a custom Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for a DC-DC Step-Up Boost converter with the following specifications: Input Voltage: 20 to 30V Output Voltage: Adjustable from 35 to 52V Current: Support up to 8A Specific Requirements: Maximum Voltage Adjustment: The board must include a method for adjusting the maximum output voltage limit. Current Limit Adjustment: Implementation of a system for adjusting the current limit through a 0 to 3.3V input signal, where 3.3V corresponds to the maximum limit of 8A. Shunt Resistor and OPAMP: Incorporation of a shunt resistor with OPAMP, including potentiometers for fine calibration. On/Off Function: The board should allow the option to switch between input voltage (off) and amplified output volta...

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    olá, o projeto de arduino é criar um sensor que detecte que o suporte da caixa das Twinbin foi aberto, enviando para o email as informações relativamente a caixa, como por exemplo a quantidade a repor e a sua localização, a essa informação só era trans...programação gostaria saber o material necessário para uma instalação de 60 caixas? Com os melhores cumprimentos, Dário Nunes hello, the arduino project is to create a sensor that detects that the Twinbin box holder has been opened, sending information about the box to the email, such as the quantity to replace and its location, this information was only transmitted after 2 minutes after opening the circuit. In addition to progra...

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    I'm in need of a Verilog expert proficient with Quartus Prime Toolchain. Key Requirements: - Professional with Verilog: Need someone experienced in ...proficient with Quartus Prime Toolchain. Key Requirements: - Professional with Verilog: Need someone experienced in designing digital circuits and implementing specific functionalities using Verilog. - Proficiency with Quartus Prime: Familiarity with the Quartus Prime Toolchain is a must. I need to design, simulate, implement and test a digital circuit using the Quartus Prime toolchain as per the specifications I will provide and demonstrate the workflow when using the Verilog HDL to construct a design for a physical Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) target. Please apply if you have the required expertise. ...

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    I'm in need of a skilled circuit board designer that can create the and design the Greber file for me, I need to send the files to the manufacturing compony. My project contains few components only. SAM D11C 14-pin chip, 3 LEDS, Battery holder, and a reset switch. The "j2" pads are for programming the chip, Gnd, power, and clock. The 2 antennas traces are connected to analog pins A2 and A4. LEDs are connected to digital pins 24,25,31. the reset button to RST pin of course. For the 4 programming pads. Gnd and Power goes to Gnd and VDD pins in the chip, For the clock, I'm not shire which pins. layout size : 10 cm by 5.398 cm

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    As part of this project, I need assistance in performing the following tasks: - Writing VHDL code - Designing FPGA circuits, specifically for Xilinx FPGA The goal is to achieve PWM via VHDL and PS to PL UART communication in the FPGA circuit design. It would be advantageous if you have a strong background in VHDL, FPGA circuit design and specific experience with Xilinx FPGA. Additionally, understanding of PWM and UART communication would be beneficial. Estoy buscando un ingeniero FPGAs y firmware para q haga un pequeño proyecto para hacerlo correr en una tarjeta de desarrollo Pynq-Z2 con el Sw Vivado. Se trata de implementar un PWM de valor de entrada variable, esto en VHDL para cargarlo en la PL de la Zynq. Se trataría de lo siguiente; a tr...

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    Multilayer PCB Design in Altium 6 dias left

    I'm looking for an experienced PCB designer who's proficient with Altium Designer. The project specifically involves a multilayer PCB design. A strong attention to detail and a good understanding of circuit board layout is crucial for this project. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Altium Designer - Experience with multilayer PCB design with large PCB Boards - Ability to understand and implement complex circuit board layouts - Attention to detail Please provide examples of your previous PCB design work using Altium. A portfolio demonstrating your experience in multilayer PCB design will be highly regarded. This is an LED board which needs layout editing with adding few more components. Please Show your previous work with dense Layout w...

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    I'm in need of a PCB layout for a small electronic product. Here are the specifics: - The purpose of the layout is for electronic product manufacturing, not for circuit prototyping or repair. - The PCB must be designed to fit within a small size constraint, specifically less than 10x10 cm. - The PCB should be a double-layered design. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in PCB layout design, particularly for small, double-layered boards - Prior experience in designing for electronic product manufacturing - Attention to detail and ability to work within specific size constraints.

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    ...code from scratch - Prior experience in data analysis using Python - Proficiency in Python libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib If you have a solid background in data analysis and Python, and are able to create efficient, clean, and well-documented code, I'd like to hear from you. Here are details- I have to create a simulation that will find the optimal solution to go around a circuit using the least amount of power in a given time, by calculating the forces acting on the vehicle at any point. The forces have been identified to be: Drag, Rolling resistance, Incline, Wind & Motor thrust. Rolling resistance, wind (set to 0 in data should be okay to plug values in later) and incline forces have been resolved in an excel file for every data point (every metre...

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    I'm looking for a skilled electrical engineer who can help me with the design of a high-torque electric motor for a cart. Key tasks involved in the project will include: 1. Electrical System Analysis: Understanding the system needs and constraints to design an effective electric motor. 2. Circuit Design: Developing a circuit that will be optimal for the high-torque motor. 3. Troubleshooting and Repair: Providing solutions to potential problems experienced during testing and implementation of the design. The electric motor design needs to account for the following specifications: - Power Rating - Speed - High Torque Engineers with experience in design and development of high-torque electric motors will be preferred. A strong ...

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    ...professional with experience in Battery Management Systems (BMS) to design and develop a LiFePO4 BMS. The key requirements and features include: - BMS should support 8S and 4S configurations - Maximum amperage capacity of 100A - The ability to alter the BMS ampere capacity by adding or removing MOSFETs or any other relevant hardware as required - The BMS should include essential safety features such as: * Temperature monitoring * Short circuit protection * Cell balancing * Reverse polarity protection - The system should allow for charging and discharging through the same port I need this project to be completed within a month. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - In-depth knowledge and experience in BMS design, particularly with LiFePO4 ...

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    AC-DC Converter Design Expert 5 dias left

    I am seeking a skilled and experienced Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) design engineer. For my particular project, we will focus on AC-DC converters and should, therefore, possess specific expertise in switching regulation topology. Here's what I need: - Mastery in designing AC-DC converters utilizing switching regulation - Ability to design a converter with power output less than 100 Watts - Experience with power electronics and circuit design Your background should demonstrate relevant projects you've completed that are particularly linked to the aspects mentioned. Your strategic and innovative thinking will be highly valuable to create efficient and powerful designs.

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    In this project, I am seeking a seeking a highly knowledgeable and experienced KiCad user who specializes in double layer PCBs. - Purpose: The primary function for this custom PCB is data transmission. This project will require a comprehensive understanding of different data transmission protocols and experience in related circuit design. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in KiCad CAD software - Experience in designing double layer PCBs - Knowledge about different data transmission protocols and related circuit designs Please note, only bids from freelancers showing relevant previous works and portfolios will be seriously considered. I look forward to reviewing your proposals and potentially collaboratively creating an efficient and effectiv...

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    ...proper KiCad design. You must review the schematic to ensure there are no issues before you start routing. I'm seeking a proficient PCB designer with experience in KiCad for the development of a multilayer circuit board intended for consumer electronics. Key Points: - The project involves the creation of a multilayer PCB targeted for consumer electronics. Prior experience in this field would be highly advantageous. - Proficiency in KiCad is essential. Prior experience working with KiCad for multilayer PCB designs is a must. - You should have a good understanding of the manufacturing process for consumer electronics PCBs, including the constraints and requirements that come with it. - Ability to work with me closely and make adjustments as necessary to ensure the fi...

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    Circuit Schematic 5 dias left

    I need a circuit schematic for the attached circuit

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    I'm seeking an experienced drafter to create detailed electrical wiring diagrams for my residential project. The diagrams should include; - Circuit layout - Wire color codes - Component specifications There are no specific electrical codes or standards to be followed in this project. A deep understanding of generic electrical drafting standards is essential. Previous experience in residential electrical drafting will be highly advantageous. This project requires the use of computer-aided design software, with proficiency in AutoCAD or similar software as a desirable skill.

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    Une plateforme web pour la gestion et planification des missions chauffeurs par bus a nos clients ( entreprise privé) comme système d’aide d’exploitation SAE - Cette plate-forme cherche la disponibilité des chauffeurs et des bus d’un parc auto. - Grâce à cette plateforme, le conducteur peut consulter son travail quotidien - mouvements journaliers - le client peut suivre...plateforme web pour la gestion et planification des missions chauffeurs par bus a nos clients ( entreprise privé) comme système d’aide d’exploitation SAE - Cette plate-forme cherche la disponibilité des chauffeurs et des bus d’un parc auto. - Grâce à cette plateforme, le conducteur peut consulter son travail quotidie...

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    I'm in need of an Arduino expert who is adept at programming a small Arduino circuit to control LEDs, a motor, and sound. It will be integrated into a small, Matchbox/Hot Wheels-sized fire truck. The LEDS will flash alternately to represent the emergency lights. The motor will power the back wheels and the sound will play through a small speaker as a siren and horn. Here are the requirements for the project: I believe the Arduino MKR Zero would be a good fit since it has the integrated micro SD card holder and sound processing capabilities. It also has an integrated battery charger. The Arduino needs to be powered by a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery like 3.7 Volts. - Control LEDs: I believe I can get by with two white 3mm LEDs. I will install fibre-optics to transfer ...

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    Mi proyecto está basado en la implementación de un sistema web basado en microservicios , para mejorar la gestión de recursos IP en une empresa de Telecomunicaciones. Tengo pensado usar un Registry (Eureka Server) , Load Balancer ( Ribbon ) , Gateway ( API GATEWAY), Circuit Braker ( Hystrix), Spring Boot con su Api Rest, Spring Config. Busco un freelancer para implementar este proyecto. Saludos Julio Cabrera

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    I'm looking for experienced circuit designer who can design sensing circuit for RTD temperature sensor. Sensing should be done by STM32F103 microcontroller ADC. There should be 8 channels for RTD temperature sensor. I need Schematic design and sample code to read temperature value. Only bid if you have experience with RTD temperature sensor.

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    I'm seeking an electrical designer experienced in commercial circuit design and wiring layout. Key Requirements: - **Circuit Design**: You should be able to create efficient, safe, and robust electrical circuits tailored to a commercial building's needs. - **Wiring Layout**: Expertise in laying out wiring for maximum efficiency and safety is crucial. Specifics to Consider: - **Power Distribution**: The design will focus primarily on the power distribution aspect, ensuring it meets the demands of a commercial space. Experience in similar projects will be highly valued. Your design should be optimized for cost-effectiveness, energy-efficiency, and future scalability. Revit and familiar with NEC.

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    I'm in need of a skilled electronics engineer to assist with an educational circuit design project. The circuit is intended for advanced learners, so it should be challenging yet educational. Key requirements and responsibilities include: - Designing a complex circuit for educational purposes - Ensuring that the circuit is advanced enough to engage students at a high level - Preparing documentation and guidelines for understanding the circuit Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proven experience in advanced circuit design - Prior experience in educational circuit design is a plus - Excellent communication skills for creating thorough documentation Looking forward to hearing from passionate electr...

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    Wiring Schematic of an Agricultural Articulated Truck (Tractor), new project needs schematic and design. Key Components: Power Supply: Battery Alternator Main Circuit Breaker Lighting System: Headlights Tail Lights Work Lights Indicators Control Systems: Ignition Switch Dashboard Controls Relays and Fuses Engine and Transmission: Starter Motor Engine Sensors Transmission Controls Hydraulics: Hydraulic Pump Controls Joystick Controls Hydraulic Solenoids Auxiliary Systems: Air Conditioning Horn Wiper Motor Fuel Gauge

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    15 ofertas and I am seeking a skilled graphic designer to create a unique and professional logo that embodies the essence of my platform. My vision for the logo is minimalistic, hence I prefer a design that is clean, simple, and modern. Additionally, I would like the color scheme to be cool tones, mainly focusing on blues and greens. The ideal logo should be versatile and suitable for multiple applications. It should be able to be used on business cards and print materials, as well as across all digital platforms such as social media and email signatures. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in logo design, especially in minimalistic styles - Strong understanding of color theory and the ability to work within a specified color palette - Prior experience in designing...

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    I'm a Classic Rock wedding singer in desperate need of a capable, experienced manager. Specifically, I'm seeking someone who can: - Promote my services diligently, and adeptly navigate the wedding industry. The perfect candidate is familiar with the Classic Rock genre, and has experience managing and promoting artists in the wedding circuit. This job requires approximately 3 hours of performance, so time management is of essence in your tasks. Performance and promotion tie closely together, hence, your role is crucial in capitalizing on each performance with posterior promotions.

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    For my ongoing project, I need a specialized Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design for an iMX8 Micro Processing Unit (MPU). Below are the main requirements: - Power Management: This is crucial for the project. The PCB design should incorporate an integrated voltage regulator. Specifically, I prefer to use a linear voltage regulator which can provide continuous, stable supply and suit the power requirements of my MPU. Skills and Experience: - Knowledge in PCB design with a focus on power management. - Familiarity with iMX8 MPU would be beneficial. - Proficiency in using linear voltage regulators and designing for signal integrity purposes. - Previous experience in designing intricate PCBs will be a plus. Your expertise can make a substantial difference in the...

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    I am seeking an Electronics Engineer specialized in power conversion, specifically the AC to DC conversion process (SMPS). The purpose of this project is to design and implement an AC to DC converter to serve as a power supply for an electronic device. The ideal candidate should have: - Extensive knowledge and experience in power electronics and circuit design - Proven experience in designing and troubleshooting SMPS Your responsibilities will include: - Designing a robust SMPS following given specifications - Validating the design through physical prototyping (dot board preferred) - Sharing the voltage sweep results with the proto Requirements: - Primary side: 90 VAC - 250 VAC input - Secondary side: 24 VDC (2A) and 15 VDC (3 A) (on the same transformer) - S...

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    As a technician experienced in soldering on industrial-grade electronic devices, I am in need of a skilled individual capable of working on circuit boards for repairing damaged components. Key Responsibilities: - Soldering on circuit boards to repair damaged components. - Prioritizing quality and precision in your work. - Ensuring the reliability of the soldered components. Ideal Skills and Qualifications: - Proven experience in soldering on industrial electronic devices, particularly circuit boards. - Proficient in the use of soldering tools and equipment. - Familiarity with best practices for repairing damaged components on circuit boards. - Attention to detail and a commitment to quality work. - Ability to work independently and meet deadlines. If you hav...

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    Gerber files for pcb 1 dia left

    I have created circuit using proteus, I want to get PCB boards for this circuit. I need pcb layout andn / or gerber files to submit to pcb maker pls. respond if you have experience in this work, I will provide circuit

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    27 ofertas expert in antenna design, specifically for high-frequency pulse antennas, to design a solution for a Radar system project. A very quick and easy design with those which are familiar with pcb software. I basically just need you to copy the attached picture with solder. The only component will be an SMA connector, thats it. Skills and Experience: - Deep understanding of high-frequency (above 10 GHz) pulse antenna designs - Proven experience in circuit Design software to implement the design on a PCB layout. - Prior work in antenna design for radar systems - Strong knowledge of using design software for antenna modeling and simulation Project Details: - The antenna should operate at high frequencies (above 10 GHz). - This proj...

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    I'm looking for a professional who has experience in debugging ESP32 through JTag. My circuit with ESP32 is newly pronted and not tested yet. I need to do some steps with an expert who can dive deep into the debugging process. The ideal freelancer for this job should have: - Proficiency in handling and debugging ESP32 through JTag - Familiarity with Espressif IDF development environment

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    I am seeking a proficient PCB Designer who can help me design a PCB layout for Buck Boost Converter circuit. The project specifics are: - The PCB is only two layers. Front copper layer and Back copper layer. - KiCad is the software to be used. - Working with both through-hole components and surface-mount devices to develop the PCB. - The primary application of this board is for prototyping, so accuracy and attention to detail are a must. Please make sure to include examples of your past PCB designs in your proposal if available.

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    I am searching for an accomplished electrical engineer and coder who possesses advanced technical abilities in circuit design, analysis, and programming microcontrollers, namely with Raspberry Pi. These skills are necessary for the fruitful completion of the project. Key Responsibilities: - Design creativeness is a must as I place an emphasis on compact-sized micro-circuits. - Robustness is critical in order to effortlessly connect to external devices. - Implementing GPIO pins for sensor integration requires comprehensive expertise. - Responsibility includes diagnosing and troubleshooting electrical systems when the need arises. The successful freelancer will ideally have substantial experience in Python as this is the preferred programming tool for this project. Th...

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    I'm looking for a freelancer who can help me identify distributors and pricing for new high voltage utility items, specifically transformers, circuit breakers, insulators, motors gears, and communication equipment. Key Responsibilities: - Research and identify reliable distributors of new high voltage utility items in North America - Obtain pricing information for these items - Provide a comprehensive report listing distributors and their pricing for each type of item Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in market research and distributor identification in the electrical utility equipment or similar field - Excellent communication skills - Strong analytical skills to determine competitive pricing - Knowledge of the high voltage utility equipment market, specific...

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    I am looking for an experienced Verilog developer who can work on my Verilo HDL project. Design a digital circuit for a fruit sorter based on following specification. Develop the block diagram (consists of datapath and control units) and the ASMD chart. Assume that there is a 1-bit RESET signal to reset the circuit and it is asynchronous and active low. In addition, there is a 1-bit CLOCK as the clock. The circuit will start the operation when a 1-bit input signal START is asserted. A fruit detector provides a 1-bit input FRUIT that becomes 1 for one clock cycle if banana is detected and the FRUIT signal will be 1 for two clock cycles if orange is detected. There are 2 different outputs which are OUT1 and OUT2 that will be 1 for one clock cycle...

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    I need an expert in hardware analysis who can assist in identifying a SOIC-8 flash memory chip within a printed circuit board. The central concern of this project is: • Identification of a low-capacity memory chip, up to 1MB. The ideal candidate should have: • Comprehensive knowledge and skills in hardware analysis. • Experience in identifying and differentiating SOIC-8 flash memory chips of varying capacity. • The ability to provide precise and effective results within a reasonable period. Your bid should include a complete analysis report, detailing your methods and confirming the identity of the memory chip. As part of the deliverables, please include tangible proof verifying the chip's capacity.

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional to simulate & test of my microcontroller based hardware design, using proteus and test its performance. Also, if there is any performance bugs, need to correct it and also, build pcb prototype and physically test the performance

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    Trophy icon Modern Tech-Focused Logo Redesign Encerrado left

    ...The new logo needs to communicate technology, innovation, and trustworthiness. Key Requirements: - Theme: It should incorporate technology-related elements or symbols. You can consider using yourselves motifs like circuit boards, lightbulbs, or robots. - Color Scheme: The primary color scheme should be blue. - Style: The design must be minimalistic and modern. - Font: I prefer the font to be a unique, custom style. Layout Preferences: - Logo's layout should be horizontally arranged. Ideal freelancers for this project will have: - Experience in modern, minimalistic logo design. - Creative ability to translate abstract concepts into engaging visuals. - An understanding of the technology and innovation sector is advantageous. - Proficiency in producing cust...

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    I'm looking for a math expert who can help me solve calculus problems related to electrical circuit analysis. The ideal candidate should have a good understanding of calculus, particularly in the context of electrical circuits. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in solving calculus problems - Understanding of electrical circuit analysis - Comfort working with circuits involving capacitors and inductors Experience with advanced calculus and electrical engineering is a plus. Your job will be to solve complex calculus problems within the context of circuits with capacitors and inductors. If you have experience or knowledge in this area, please don't hesitate to bid.

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    ...proper KiCad design. You must review the schematic to ensure there are no issues before you start routing. I'm seeking a proficient PCB designer with experience in KiCad for the development of a multilayer circuit board intended for consumer electronics. Key Points: - The project involves the creation of a multilayer PCB targeted for consumer electronics. Prior experience in this field would be highly advantageous. - Proficiency in KiCad is essential. Prior experience working with KiCad for multilayer PCB designs is a must. - You should have a good understanding of the manufacturing process for consumer electronics PCBs, including the constraints and requirements that come with it. - Ability to work with me closely and make adjustments as necessary to ensure the fi...

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    ...goal of this project is to trigger an external camera circuit via an analog signal. Key Project Requirements: - Low power stand alone circuit to trigger a camera - Build a mic from parts, i.e. electret, cap, and resistor, that can pick up in the 22Hz range - Amplify the signal with a common amp chip (i.e. LM 386) - Amp needs to work with existing tone decoder circuit that works. Ideal Skill Set: - Proficiency in Low Frequency Signal Processing - Experience in Audio Breadboard Projects - Understanding of Analog Signal Transmission - Comfortable walking me through this online, via video interaction after schematics draw uo This is an interesting and challenging project that requires a deep understanding of both audio processing and circuit integration. If yo...

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    I'm in need of a proficient and experienced electrical engineer to design an analog audio circuit for mixing multi-channel signals sourced from line level feeds. This will require expertise in designing robust and low-noise analog audio circuits capable of dealing effectively with multiple audio inputs. Ideal Skills and Experience: • Proficiency in electronic circuit design, specifically analog audio circuits. • Experience with handling multi-channel signals. • Familiarity with line level audio signal processing and mixing. We need an engineer with deep experience in high-end analog circuit design using low noise operational amplifiers. We will provide basic diagrams and objectives. The project involves high quality op amps a...

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    PCB Design Engineer Encerrado left

    I require an experienced PCB design engineer. The project involves designing a PCB, but the specifics of the design (such as the number of layers, purpose, dimensions, and form factor) have not been finalized yet. I'm seeking an expert who can guide me through the design process, and help in finalizing these parameters. Your role will be to: - Work with me to determine the type of PCB design (single layer, double layer, multi-layer) - Collaborate on the purpose of the PCB design, whether it's for prototyping, production, or circuit optimization - Help define the specific dimensions and form factor for the PCB Skills and experience needed: - Proficiency in PCB design software (e.g. Altium, Eagle, KiCad) - Experience with designin...

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    I am looking for an expert in electrical design to assist me with a project I have. The scope and areas of expertise are quite broad and I'm open to input from professionals in the field. The ideal candidate should have experience in: - Circuit design - Power distribution - Control systems The end goal of this project is to maximize the efficiency of the electrical systems we have in place. This may involve improving energy efficiency, upgrading existing systems, or designing new systems from scratch. I'm looking for someone who is detail-oriented, has excellent problem-solving skills, and a good understanding of electrical engineering principles. The ability to work independently and communicate effectively is also key. If you have experience with simil...

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    I'm in need of a circuit that can regulate voltage to 6VDC, with a max current of 500mA. This circuit will be powering LED lights and should be compatible with an input voltage range of 12-24VDC. The circuit should also account for the presence of 4 diodes. - 4 Diodes - forward V - 8V limit to 7V max - max operating current 500mV - inline switch to turn any of the diodes in circuit on/off - need an LED in line for each Diode if active or blown ( when diode fails it is shorted 1ohm) Key requirements and considerations include: - Voltage regulation: The primary functionality of the circuit is to regulate input voltage to 6VDC for optimal LED power. - Current capacity: The circuit should handle a maximum current of 500mA, ensuring the LED li...

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    ...proficient Electrical Engineers to join us for a long-term collaboration. This opportunity is ideal for individuals with expertise in electronics, power systems, and communication systems. Key Requirements: - Strong command over MATLAB for data analysis, simulation, and modeling. - Proficiency in VHDL and Verilog for hardware description and digital circuit design. - Experience with multisim or similar simulation software for circuit analysis and design verification. This collaboration offers an exciting chance to work on diverse projects spanning electronics, power systems, and communication systems. We are committed to fostering a collaborative environment that encourages innovation and professional growth. If you are passionate about contributing your ...

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    We require an FMEA expert. Our focus is on electrical and mechanical hardware systems like circuit boards, power supply, control systems, and communication systems. Your role requires you to create a detailed questionnaire and out of it to create a comprehensive analysis document for managuing risks. The ideal candidate must posess: - Proven experience conducting multiple FMEA activities in the past 24 months (provide evidence) - Specialised knowledge on electrical/ mechanical hardware analysis - Proficiency in examining circuit boards, power supply units, and control systems Kindly note that those without proof of previous FMEA execution need not apply. We seek someone who can help us entirely avoid or reduce risk. Your proficiency in identifying, analysing, and mitigati...

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    We are seeking an experienced electrical engineer to design a multi-output power supply for a portable AC servo drive. The ideal candidate will have expertise in power electronics and PCB design, with a proven track record of creating efficient and compact power solutions. Input Specification: 220Vac. Output Specifications: Two sections are required: Power Ground Circuit: +15V, +5V. Lower Ground (controller) Circuit: +12V, +5V, +3.3V, -12V. Ensure that both grounds are isolated from each other. The design must be lightweight and compact, suitable for a portable device. We need the design to be highly reliable and efficient, with considerations for safety and durability. Job Responsibilities: 1) Design: Develop a schematic and board layou...

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    I'm working on an industrial automation project and currently at the prototype development stage. I'm seeking a professional to assist with specific circuit design tasks. Key Responsibilities: - Circuit design focused on industrial automation application Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in hardware design, particularly for industrial automation - Proficient in circuit design for prototypes - Knowledge of industrial automation standards and requirements This project offers an exciting opportunity to contribute to an innovative industrial automation solution.

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