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    8,188 c coder trabalhos encontrados, preços em EUR will use computer/user generated stats (as well as other variables) instead of real-life players' stats. I'm looking for someone to write a program in either C++ or Java (preferrably C++) that will alow me to take the data that has been submitted by my users (such as players speed, stamina, awareness, etc.) and generate not only the outcome of the

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    Ok Here is the problem. I have an Old C program that talks to an even older NPL program. Ok now the C functions can be exposed to the NPL program for use so that a coder in NPL can run a C function. Ok now the C DLL loads up with the NPL program. Ok Now I need the C program to send a message to a VB form or an activeX control on a vb form. then wait

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    Emergency situation. The coder I previously hired has technical problems, and has failed to meet the deadline, and now I need a 24hr turnaround. I need 4 C++ assignments done: The first assignment is a date class with overloaded operators and a few special funtions (more detail in zip file). Needs a main program to test. The second is similar to the

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    Simple but beautiful looking page needed. You must have excellent asthetic sense for this, not just be a coder. We create pages for market research with "cards", each card containing a photo of a person and information about him or her (cards are 288w x 166h pixels). By clicking on the card, the user is taken to a page with a transcript of an interview

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    Must have exp working on real time applications. The application is to work within the areas of realtime 3D animation, might also h...version. Will involve device driver development. Must have exp with Unix Irix (sgi)and NT min for microsoft. This is a very exciting project and needs a quick, experienced coder C/C++ who can deliver to tight deadlines.

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    €174 - €260
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    DirectShow Encerrado left

    I need a DirectShow object written in C++ and well commented to play audio files (mp3 and others) with capacity to change play position without interrupting playback. Also I want an autogain and limiter filters with it. As for the latency. I want it very low. If I find a coder with the right knowledge, I will provide a detailed file describing the project

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    ...graphical output option is necessary; numerical specification of object orientation is sufficient. I prefer QuickBasic (for DOS) code, though I am willing to consider Visual Basic or C++ code, for Win98 or Linux. Extra code to export a single-timstep snapshot of the objects to the POV-Ray raytracer upon request would also be a plus, but is not necessary. As

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    FTP Client Enhancements: I have an ftp application written in C++, and would like to add a few more features. 1 - Add right-mouse-click "FTP To" capability. Example: Users select the files to send in Windows Explorer, right-click and choose "FTP To", complete login information, and the files are transferred. 2 - Add the following options

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    Coder wanted to write C++ code for (4) small programs in Deitel & Deitel text "C++ How To Program" (3rd Edition). Will be easy for a good C++ programmer but I don't have the time to become one right now. I have no interest in becoming a programmer but unfortunately will need these for a seminar my job requires me to take. If you have the text, the pro...

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    OK people, I need this done, and I need it done QUICK!! This is a project for an intro level C++ class, and as such, it should not be a difficult project for an experienced coder. Since it is an intro level project, the code must be kept simple. Visit this link for a complete description of the project: [login to view URL]~jgillett/2270/8/ Note

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    3D Model Viewer Encerrado left

    Okay, lets hope threes a charm :) I would like this program to be in either Visual Basic, or C/C++. OpenGL or DirectX.. I frankly dont care anymore. I have included a ZIP file with visual basic coder that converts RSB (a texture format) into BMPs. I have also included source code to a parser in Visual Basic, which parses a QOB file. This

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    eCommerce Site Encerrado left

    A complete dynamic eCommerce web site to sell sport shoes or other goods. The site should be written in ASP/VB/C# (prefer in .NET) and Microsoft SQLServer will be used as the database. Most of the data such as company info, customer, category, products and order data must be stored in the database and pulled out on the web page when requested. The site

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    ...component, but who ever codes that part, need to be able to place the component in your component. Also we need a menu that can be programmed like in the standard VB or Visual C++. Also it would be nice if this has drag and drop capabilities but this is not required. Let me know how you think this can be done, I don't have any specifications, I know everyone

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    I/O text file Encerrado left

    ...possible. * Final Exam is worth 150 points - NO Extra credit possible. * [login to view URL] displays the first name as above - Initial with period. * Grades 90 - 100 A, 80 - 90 B, 70 - 80 C, 60 - 70 D, and below 59 F. * Use functions like openInputFile(), openOutputFile(), readData(), assignGrade(), etc (but not limited to). * Use while, selection statements, NO

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    I would like to enhance Rent a Coder to be able to send notifications to coders and buyers via email or instant messaging. The problem is that there are 4 different clients that I can think of (MSN, AOL Yahoo IM and ICQ...maybe more) and I am limited on time. I need a coder who can write a simple ActiveX component with one exposed method that will send

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    ...this program as soon as possible. Within the next 24 hours. I only want bids from coders who know what to do and can get it done fast. It should be easy money for a good C++ coder. I want the program to be simple. It should look like an ameteur programmer did this. Nothing too complicated, just simple code. I will pay $40 if it is done in the next 24

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    Personal Coder Encerrado left I want a coder to work for me.I will pay him/her 3000$ monthly, he'd must do any project that I asked for,and I have a lot so He will probably have no time to work in other things. I understand that you will need some guarentee to start to work for me so I have no problem to pay you before start. You must need to know VB,VBS,WEB,FLASH,C++,DELPHI and

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    I NEED THIS ASAP!!! I need help with an assignment. Write a function Mypower( double base, long expon) that returns a doulble. It should handle all possible combinations pos. & neg. After confirming that the function works, write another origram that uses the MyPower() function. The first function called CalcSavings() should have a sig: double Calcsavings (double proncipal, double real_rate, l...

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    C++ assignment Encerrado left

    I'm currently a computer science student, need a coder to solve my programming assignment problem. The problem has to be solved using Tree, BST and AVL. If you are interested, please email me for the detail of it. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done.

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    Unified Email Encerrado left

    ...program attach messages from a folder on drive C: to an email address in my Windows Address book (or a databse) and place it in my Outlook Outbox for mailing to the email address attached to the message. As there will be more than one user for this program, there will be many folders in the directory on drive C: Messages are stored for users's in their respective

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    Assignment Encerrado left

    Hello, I'm currently a student of computer science need to get help from coder on my C++ programming assignment. I'm requesting this help for only a few days, but i think this program only need a few hours for an advanced coders. please email me for details of it. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form

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    #1 I need a C++ program that will open a file and re-write that file with all the spaces between the words being single. So if the file has 2 or more spaces I would like for it to change it back to one space between each word with the output written to a file called output.txt. #2 Then I would like a program that merges the numbers in two files and

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    Coder needed Encerrado left

    Hello I'm a student in CS 201 and I'm studying C/C++ programming with the UNIX system. I need a coder to write my programs for me. I have four remaining projects in this semester and I would need you for all four. The bid amount will be awarded for each one obviously. The projects are said to be easy. However, not for me. I will recieve my second project

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    Simple stock chart Encerrado left

    ...chartfx from [login to view URL] (we would like coder to user this activex control please) Using VB6 We require some code that will draw the intra (durning the day) stock prices. The softwarefx control seems to be very easy to use. The code must be able to plot the stock prices by the [login to view URL] trade b. minute c. 2 minutes d. 5 minutes e. 10 minutes f. 30 minutes

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    ...3d engine in a propietary api with c++ The coder will get the source or template of the plugin so he have just to change it, to work they way we want. If not, the coder have to guide us in the development of the plugin on real-time vian any communication channel. Its a simple modification of a pre-made plugin in c++ ## Deliverables Complete source

    €148 (Avg Bid)
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    ...left cell) : C:My Documents[[login to view URL]]Odds'!$A$2. Frequency of checking contents of conditional cells : yyyy seconds (minimum 15 seconds) or after web query update. Conditional cell 1 address: C:My Documents[[login to view URL]]Odds'!$W$21. Conditional cell 2 address: C:My Documents[[login to view URL]]Odds'!$X$21. Address of cell contents to ...

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    ...the laptimes to screen and file, with each driver being identified by a single letter or number (yes, max 36 drivers) Time Limit: one week (sorry, have been let down by my coder) Being a Charity, we can't afford the Transponder systems that commercials would use, costing about 3000 pounds, but that doesn't mean we want an inferior program either, so

    €80 (Avg Bid)
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    (Original could not be completed by the coder) Covert C++ Code to Visual Basic. Sources will be provided when needed. Sources are graphic related routines. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done Must use API/User Functions to accomplish task. No vb language shortcuts allowed!

    €56 (Avg Bid)
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    4 ofertas

    ...determine if the user has met the minimum requirements for one of several apps. The list of system paramaters are listed below in 'deliverables'. Call me ASAP (okayed by Rent a Coder Facilitator) to discuss...even if its tonite. Dial 727-549-8299. Then dial 0 and 3 to get my cellphone #. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done

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    8 ofertas

    [login to view URL], Inc. (Mindbridge) has expressed the desire to enhance its IntraSmart sof...Deliverables The Full De-bugged Version Of Our Product with new sychronization of the fore-mentioned software. ## Deadline information coder must have Full knowledge of all primary program languages especially, HTML, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Visual Basic, Etc.

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    ...This should be someone already involved with web development, open source applications, newsgroup discussions, etc. Coder will work from home 20-40 hours a week. Must be low-cost, possibly student. ASP and/or PHP and/or ColdFusion and/or C# experience preferred. Bids from outside US will not be accepted. ## Deliverables 10-hour trial period. Please

    €137 (Avg Bid)
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    Need a c++ coder with in depth knowledge of microsoft fligh simulator and/or DirectPlay for ambitious flight simulator project ## Deliverables Working application and source code. ## Deadline information Coders will be well compensated going forward as use of application will be subscription based.

    €26 - €87
    €26 - €87
    0 ofertas

    Hey folks, having trouble find docs on how to this, but I need a shell of a plug-in for Photoshop v6 on the PC. I need to add...feel free to email me with questions. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done and simple docs as to how to modify the 'meat' (for experienced C++ coder to read, doesn't need to be idiot-friendly).

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    Video Relay Encerrado left

    I am looking for a C++ coder to either create or EDIT existing streaming software that runs under UNIX (FreeBSD) that will relay a live video stream from a personal IP and broadcast it from the web should open a special port and use the server's bandwidth. I assume you can relay the data stream directly or something like that. Please contact

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    I am learning C++ and am still somewhat new with it. I wrote a small program to read filename from the 'a' drive and then send them to an output file. The problem is that it outputs memory address instead of file names. I don't understand the struct command too much and this program requires it. The part of the program with the struct command was copied

    €10 (Avg Bid)
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    Website help Encerrado left

    ...disturbing the code. I want coder to insert a system to accept Paypal or a credit card company. ## Deliverables Website must be ready with : a.- secure b.- I must satisfied with tutorial to update my web. c.-The website must be accepting credit cards without any problems. ## Deadline information I need this job fast. The Coder must have worked with

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    12 ofertas

    I would like a program written in either Visual C++ 6.0 or Visual Basic 6.0 that will keep track of a CD collection. A written contract will be required upon a bid acceptance. Reasonable time will be allotted, there isn't really a rush. Longer completion time with a cheaper price is preferred. I will own all rights to the program, source code, etc

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    ...produce the output is fairly simple, however the final graph output may have upwards of 30 - 40 lines, hence a rather complicated graph. We consider this could be done either in C++ or as a Java applet. Final output need not neccessarily be on-screen but could be written to a gif file for subsequent download or email. If anyone is interested in talking

    €174 - €260
    €174 - €260
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