A Freelancer’s Guide to Freelancer.com: Introduction to Freelancer.com

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This is a five-part guide on how Freelancer.com works, how to be a successful freelancer, and how to behave within the marketplace.

PART 1: Introduction to Freelancer.com

PART 2: Getting Started at Freelancer.com

PART 3: Finding Work and Submitting Proposals

PART 4: Doing the Work and Getting Paid

PART 5: Conclusion and Takeaways


PART 1: Introduction to Freelancer.com


Freelancer.com allows you to work with employers, both for online and offline projects. Work opportunities are available on the site without you having to deal with the troubles of advertising and self-promotion.

Signing up is free, and everyone is welcome to join.


Why Freelancer.com?

  • Find just about any job. We have projects ranging from website development to babysitting. Work on projects that suit your skills and interests.
  • Tools to manage your business are provided. Stay up-to-date and keep in touch with your employers using our native Messenger both on desktop and mobile. Easily track worked hours for hourly projects as well via the Freelancer Desktop App.
  • Great performance is recognized. Get invited to join our Preferred Freelancer program for exemplary performance and for consistently providing high employer satisfaction.
  • Secure payments. Our Milestone Payment System gives you and your employers equal control over created payments for projects.


Who can work on Freelancer.com?

Whether you are an independent freelancer or you run a team, you are welcome to join Freelancer.com for free. By default, all users are given a personal (individual) account upon sign up, but depending on the demands of your business, you can subscribe to Freelancer Corporate for a Corporate account after signup.


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