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Our 11 favorite free Wix templates

Wix offers about 300 templates but not all of them are great. We've chosen the top 11 free templates that will make your website look sensational.
8 de mai. de 2020 • 7 minuto lido
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These Wix templates actually convert visitors into customers 

Wix offers about 300 website templates, and unless you're some sort of sociopath you're unlikely to have the time or patience to try them all. So we've done the hard work on your behalf to narrow down your options to the top 11 best free Wix templates.
So grab a drink, get comfy and we'll show you just how easy it is to create a website with…

Best Wix templates for landing page websites

Landing pages are very rarely meticulously planned out. They're usually created frantically on the fly when you think of an impromptu sales campaign. So an idea Wix landing page template should require minimal modification, have a clear CTA and be visually breathtaking.

1. Real Estate landing page

best free wix templates
Our top landing page choice is the stunning Real Estate landing page template. Here's why.
First of all look at that beautiful CTA arrangement. There's no need to scroll down to reveal it, it's the first thing you see. And because of the minimalistic design, there are no distractions and the form is almost begging to be submitted.
This style of landing page with a submission form in the banner seems to be the preferred design of many high profile businesses such as Salesforce, Zapier and Slack to mention a few. 
Don't let the name of this template put you off. It's not limited to just real estate agents, thanks to the power of Wix, you can completely edit this template to suit any purpose.

2. Headphones landing page

best free wix templates
Next in our line up of landing pages is the 'headphones landing page'.  Once again this Wix landing page template is not just limited to headphones or products (we don't need to keep tell you that do we?)
What's particularly nice about this one s the way the background image spills over to the header menu. This gives whatever object you are showcasing in your banner a little more prominence.
The single button CTA is also incredibly intriguing, and therefore, deliciously inviting.
As you scroll down the page all of the background images seem to magically float up in an almost hypnotic parallax effect. 
The section immediately below the banner nicely breaks down the 4 main features of whatever product or services is being advertised. So this template encourages you to distribute your sales pitch into bite sized chunks throughout the landing page rather than cramming it all into a single block of formidable text. 
best free wix templates

3. Blog coming soon

best free wix templates
Our list of favourite landing page templates would not be complete with coming soon designs. If you market your website launch intelligently, you can achieve an impressive stream of leads flooding in, even while you're still struggling to figure things out at the backend 
This design is just the banner, so there's isn't anything below it. 
When you're in the process of launching a project you usually have very little availability to design 
Launching a project has a funny way of taking up all of your available time, so there's usually very little bandwidth to design a website. This simple template allows you to throw something out there and start garnishing leads with little to no effort.

Best Wix templates for ecommerce websites

The ecommerce space is more competitive now than ever. The market is bloated with dropshippers, print on demand apparel and evern scammers. 
So what will give your ecommerce store a symphonous attraction amongst all the white noise?
A stunning design that demonstrates your trustworthiness and compels visitors to spiral down your sales funnel. 
Here are some of the best Wix ecommerce templates.

4. Skateboard Shop

best free wix templates
Video banners are incredibly effective at instantly captivating visitors, especially if your products are being enjoyed by laughing models dangling them before a glaring sunset in the middle of nowhere.
This template allows you to preview your collection of products in a limited showcase, which is just enough to pique interest and encourage further perusal.
best free wix templates

5. Women's apparel brand

best free wix templates
Sometimes the appeal of a product is integrated into its simplistic design. The gentle allure of things like hats, gloves and compression socks risks being eclipsed by the pretentious elements of a cluttered template design.
This minimalist Wix template will exhibit your products in almost zen like fashion. The clean design delicately encourages focused attention on the showcase and the fluid navigation is incredibly calming.
You can also display two different photos for each of your products, a default display image and a hover over image. Such user activated animations create tiny bursts of endorphins, which encourage continued personal. 
best free wix templates

6. Modern art posters

best free wix templates
If minimalism is not quite your style and you want your first impression to have a bit more zaz, the modern art template is a great choice. 
There isn't anything else below the fold so visitors are encouraged to click through to enter the store, this produces a sense of mystery.But clicking to enter the store doesn't load a new page as you might expect, instead the new content slides in from the right above the static background. It's a beautiful and unexpected event that your visitors will notice and appreciate.
Because this Wix template is overstepping conventional creative boundaries, it best suited for quirky product stores.

7. T-shirt market 

best free wix templates
What makes this template unique is the revolving carousel in the banner which allows you to instantly showcase all of your products. This template doesn't waste time either, as soon as you scroll down, BAM you're presented with the store products. 
best free wix templates
This design isn't ideal for products that need to be supported with text, but if you're products are simple enough to digest, why  waste real estate  with excessive headlines and descriptions?

8. Poster shop

best free wix templates
What we particularly like about this Wix template is the way the banner dividers the text and the images. Unlike all of the template designs we've mentioned so far this once uniquely places the text onto a colored background, so it's a great choice if you have a strong color scheme definition in yyour personal branding

Best Wix templates for business and services

Business and services website's have very unique requirements. They need to readily showcase all of the offered service,  customer testimonials and business background information all while maintaining an intuitive navigation journey. 
The following Wix templates meet all of these requirements. 

9. Home organizer

best free wix templates

This minimalist design helps you communicate your value proportion with clarity, 
The services are represented via image blocks which do take up quite a fair bit of real estate so, if you offer a wide range of services it will make your list seem very overwhelming. 
best free wix templates
The testimonial boxes reflect the simplicity of the entire template, they're just text over a colored background. But the template also offers an image gallery to showcase either your clientele or portfolio of work so you'll have no issues communicating your well established reputation.
best wix templates

10. Moving and storage service

best wix templates
Bold and beautiful. This Wix template is great for communicating your message with a weighted presence.  
The template isn't very text heavy to give you plenty of opportunity to captivate your visitors with stunning imagery. 
best wix templates
Customer testimonials are displayed within a rotating carousel and you can also showcase all of your clientele by displaying their logos across a banner. 
best wix templates

11. Moving and storage service

best wix templates

With this Wix template, your business website will load with an attractive banner image, a bold title supported by a clear tagline and a prominent call to action, what more could you ask for?
Visitors spend an average of 45 seconds on a website, so as a business you need to communicate your message quickly. This design allows you to summarize the four main points of your value proposition to instantly let your visitors know why they should choose you.
best wix templates
All of your services can be represented by cute colorful elements which are not too spacious so its a great choice for businesses with a wide service range.
best wix templates
The testimonials carousell is nice and wide to give your visitors the highest chances relinquishing any reservations.
best wix templates

Taking your Wix template to the next level. 

With Wix you are not limited to just predesigned templates, if you really want to give your business a unique and memorable presence online you can work with freelancers to get a fresh Wix template designed from scratch. 
Here's how:
A graphic designer can create images with the fingerprint of your unique branding. Everyone notices the lazy efforts of stock images on website, and when you're in such a competitive field you need to do everything you can to set yourself apart.
A web developer can reach into your code base and mould a template that looks exactly the way you envision it. The'il also ensure all of your web functions are operating correctly so your visitors pass seamlessly through your sales funnel.
Once your have nestled nicely into your email list an email marketing expert will help you get as much value out of them for as long as possible.
A website is useless if there's no traffic flowing to it. A search engine marketing expert will help you maintain a continuous stream of traffic using the most cost effective paid marketing strategy. 
But you don't want to solely rely on paid traffic, an SEO expert will set you up for long term success by optimizing your website for SEO and helping your climb the Google ranks. 
And finally, if you want to convert visitors into customers, you need to be capable of influencing their emotions through the power of words. A freelance writer will help you craft compelling website copy that will convince your visitors to choose you over your competitors.
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